The Invitation

It was early July when I got the phone call. The conversation started off as usual.

How are things?

What have you been up to?

Any interesting plans coming up?

My sister, Kelly, or as I like to call her, Freakazoid 2012 (there’s a new model every year folks), started talking to me about her study abroad plans and how it really didn’t seem to be working out for her to do a semester abroad. But she had an alternative idea. And that’s when she asked me the question.

Want to backpack around Europe with me next summer?

Are you kidding? What kind of question is that, of COURSE I want to go! Not only did my little travel bug start flying loop-the-loops and buzzing with joy at the prospect of traveling around again, but my brain was also telling me it was perfect for several other reasons:

  1. I’ll be just getting over the stresses of grad school. With a Master’s degree and no job (yet), when could there be a more perfect time to go?
  2. I should travel now while I have the chance before I get bogged down in a career, get too old and settled down and no longer long for adventure.
  3. It will give me an opportunity to try out travel writing and potentially boost my chances of getting a job in the field.
  4. Who better to travel around with than my sister? We have a blast together, we’re ready to take on the world, we’ve both got some common sense and should be able to navigate a map, plus I have no problem sending a little attitude her way when we don’t see things eye to eye, and of course, who wouldn’t want to see this every day:

(Photo/Emily McNamara)

haha. She’s probably going to kill me for that. But do you understand the Freakazoid 2012 nickname now?

Since that wonderful phone call from my sister, we have briefly discussed where to go, what to do, when to do it, where to stay, how much we can afford and what exactly we wanted to do for this blog. But now it’s time to get down to some real planning. With less than a year before we head off on our adventure, we really need to get down to business and make some decisions. So I encourage you to read our blog to find out how the planning is going, what shenanigans (what a fantastic word. seriously, it’s great. who doesn’t like this word?) we are up to and then ultimately follow us on our travels through Europe!

And remember:

Wake up and live!

4 responses to “The Invitation

  1. We’ll be watching for your updates. Blessings to you both! What a wonderful adventure together. Have fun planning and seeing your dream become a realization! Chirs and Ginny

    • I know that says John Crowfoot and it also has a misspelled Chris. Just so you don’t start out being confused, this is Ginny & Chris following you!

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