Destination: __________________

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

-Paulo Coehlo

When you’re taking a big trip to Europe, there are a lot of destination options.

Can someone please tell me how you go about deciding where to go? Because Kelly and I sure are having a difficult time of it. And it’s definitely a key aspect to formulating any kind of travel plan. There are so many fabulous places to visit – Ireland, Spain, Italy. And these are just countries! How about the hundreds of cities that entice the soul?

Of course, there are the various “Guides to Europe”  that have their own unique, prescribed, destination list. I could take advice from Nomadic Matt or Lonely Planet and a smattering of other guides, but gosh, that’s no fun. Screw that.

So Kelly and I are taking matters into our own hands. We each wrote a list of our top 10 must-see destinations in Europe. This must be a good way to narrow it down, right?


We came up with our lists, combined the two, omitted any repeat cities, and this is what we got (in no particular order):

  1. Berlin
  2. Barcelona
  3. London
  4. Paris
  5. Krakow
  6. Interlocken
  7. Prague
  8. Copenhagen
  9. Amsterdam
  10. Dublin
  11. Nimes
  12. Edinburgh
  13. Venice
  14. Luxembourg
  15. Vienna

As you can see, we still had a pretty extensive list. And since Kelly wants to spend more time at fewer destinations, clearly we need to narrow it down more. We’ve probably come up with three or four other shorter lists and changed the destinations each time. Honestly, there are only two places I REALLY want to visit, Scotland and Switzerland (apparently I’m really into countries that start with the letter ‘s’). Beyond that I’m down with going anywhere and everywhere. I don’t think we should even go to Europe with an exact plan. Lets just buy a plane ticket and then figure it out when we get there!

But, I’m pretty sure Kelly isn’t down with that (No, I’m not! — Kelly =]). So I’m leaving it up to her now to figure out where she wants to go and for how long. But Kelly can be pretty indecisive, so, we are asking YOU for some help!

Follow our blog (you can on the right side of this page) and  comment on this post with a European city that you think we should travel to. Then in two weeks, on November 5th,  I’ll pick one of your destinations from a hat and we will go there on our trip! We’ll even give you a special shout out on the blog while we’re there. So tell us where to go! We need your suggestions!

Until next time,

21 responses to “Destination: __________________

  1. If I were planning this trip and had only one place to go it would be Italy. The history, romance, vineyards, and food still call to me, even tho I have never been there. Whatever you decide, we know you will have a great time and learn a lot. Just remember to keep God in your heart and all will be well. Love you guys.

    Ginny & Chris Crowfoot

  2. I’m loving this plan. I think you should plan like 5 days worth and then play it by ear the rest of the time. If you can please please please go to Edinburgh and Barcelona because I love them both so much. I also suggest Munich- lots of history and a great place to get your drink on. 🙂

    • I’m starting to think that having a good portion of the trip free and unplanned would be pretty sweet! (Which i’m sure Britt would be excited about!) I think i’d like more than just 5 days planned though! haha. Why don’t you come meet us in Munich for some fun?! Thanks for your suggestions!

  3. I say Swansea! sticking with the “S”s 🙂 It is in Wales, of course! I think you should throw all the cities you like in a hat, and pull half out. Then go to them and stay or leave at will. And if you get to them all, GREAT! If not, well the reason is that you stayed at the others because you enjoyed them – no loss!

  4. My first choice would be Edinburgh. It supposidly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. They also say it’s haunted, there are underground tunnels you can tour. It looks like a great place to take pictures!

  5. Just a suggestion. Look on line at Euorpean tours and see which one comes close to what you want to do, then model your plan after that.

  6. You should look into Scotland. I went there a few year ago for 2 weeks and it was the best place I have ever been to. Different parts go from a hustling city to a quiet mountianside.

  7. I have only been to London and Paris. I would recommend both. I preferred London but Jamie preferred Paris. Where Ever you two decide to go I know you will have an amazing time:)

  8. I would go with a list of the places you’d like to go but not worry about purchasing travel tickets (train or plane in advance). One airline you have to check out is Ryanair ( )! I flew from Sweden to Scotland for $30 US round trip!

    And Brittany if you like visiting countries that start with “S” Sweden should definitely be on your list; but I understand completely the difficulty of narrowing the field for your European tour!

  9. Personally, I like Munich more than Berlin. It’s a beautiful city, there are tons of things to do, plus it’s home of Europe’s second best football team Bayern Munich. I would kill for the chance to watch Bayern Munich in Allianz Arena. But I suppose this isn’t about me (though it should be).

  10. Glad to see that Interlaken is on the list. Switzerland is beautiful! I went there for two weeks in 2005. The scenery is awesome, the architecture is great, and the people are friendly!

  11. Not visiting Switzerland or Germany is my biggest regret after leaving Europe, so I would 100% visit there! (Actually, my first regret was leaving Europe)
    Prague, Amsterdam, and Dublin are absolute MUSTS!!! Great people, beautiful cities, so unique….the whole deal.
    I am SO incredibly jealous of you two. This will be such an amazing trip; something to cherish forever!

  12. If you need to pick a destination, I happen to agree with Skylar, as Germany and Switzerland were in my thoughts, mainly because of the Chocolate!!!!! I also believe there is German in our blood line as well and I personally would look into that to see if we have any long lost relatives in Germany! But, you have so many choices. With my though patterns that I have now, I would just start in one spot, know my end spot and go with the flow in between. You never know where you might be lead. In any event, what an adventure.

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