Money Money Money Money……Money!

Brittany and I thought it would be a good idea to start thinking and talking about a budget, and the first thing that popped into my mind was this song:

While I can sing and dance around my room to this song, that won’t help me figure out a budget for Brittany and I to keep. Bummer.

So Brittany and I came up with a few ways to save money while abroad:

  1. HOSTELS – We plan on saving as much money as we can by staying in hostels or literally on somebody’s couch.  Britt found this cool program called couchsurfer, where you sign up to either host or “surf” from couch to couch.  It is a free system allowing you to stay on a couch for free, meet new people while traveling and stay in a safe place with friendly people who can offer you assistance with your traveling.  Initially, I was freaked out by this idea, but the more I’ve read about it and heard about it, I am starting to feel much more comfortable about trying it out!
  2. Eurorail – Since we’d like to see MULTIPLE countries and cities, we think that buying a Eurail pass will be a smart idea.  For one low price, we can go to five bordering countries over the course of two months.  Basically in a nut shell you can do a ton of traveling for one low price – which is great for poor-ish students like us.
  3. Five Star Restaurants – Brittany and I have decided that when it comes to food, we aren’t going to spend our time dining out every night at elegant five-star restaurants.  While we do plan on sampling as much authentic food in each destination as possible, we aren’t going to throw down a ton of money for each mean. Think pasta, oatmeal and pb & j.

I think this is a good starting point, but we could use some help. I’m not even sure where to begin to plan a budget, or how to determine what are reasonable prices to spend on food, travel or even souvenirs.  Needless to say, Brittany and I have a lot of research to look forward to! However, if any of you have any tips or suggestions we would LOVE to hear them!

That’s all for now!


3 responses to “Money Money Money Money……Money!

  1. Have you talked to Abram Leon? I think he would be your best source of info. He lived in Spain and has traveled all over Europe — definitely flew by the seat of his pants! I’m very proud of you gals (and a little jealous!). Watch for pickpockets — big problem in Europe.

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