And the winner is…

Nimes, France! Thanks Kim for your suggestion!

For those of you who don’t know anything about Nimes, let me give you a quick run through…

Nimes is a popular tourist destination in the south of France.

You can find both French and Roman history in this city, including a 20,000-seat arena, remains of baths and temples as well as wonderful french food markets. The arena is still used, sometimes even for bullfighting. Here is a short video about it:

And now for some photos of the city…

(Photo/Wolfgang Staudt on Flickr)

(Photo/Wolfgang Staudt on Flickr)

(Photo/Wolfgang Staudt on Flickr)

(Photo/Wolfgang Staudt on Flickr)

For more information on Nimes, check out what Lonely Planet has to say!

Thanks again to everyone for your input, I’m sure we will still consider some of your suggestions! We’d also like to know what you would like to hear from us. Let us know what else you would be interested in reading about! Cheers!

~This Heart of mine was made to travel this world~

-B. Mc.


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