Let’s Go to Ireland!

Let’s go to Dublin!

One of the places that Brittany and I HAVE to visit is Dublin, Ireland. In fact, I’d really like to spend maybe a week in Ireland alone. When I originally was planning on studying abroad, Ireland was my first choice of where I wanted to study. Here are the reasons why:

  1. My family is Irish. Brittany and I come from a family that has a high percentage of Irish blood.  We even have a song all about our family’s last name and their famous band! Our grandparents went to Ireland a few years ago and found a castle with our family name displayed at the entrance.
  2. Pubs! Yes, I will be 21 by the time we make the trip, but I’m not interested in the Pubs for the beer. Irish pubs are always portrayed as warm, laid-back and fun atmosphere.  I have read about other travelers spending every night of their trip in a pub, enjoying the traditional music. So I am looking forward to spending a few nights in pubs listening to it and making new Irish friends!
  3. P.S. I Love You. Yes, I know – it’s just a book/movie! But there were so many things about it that made me want to visit Ireland.  The beautiful land, the beautiful music and the beautiful people ;).  Those Irish men sure are easy on the eyes!
  4. Food! It’s no secret that I am a meat and potatoes girl.  So I know that Irish cuisine and I will get along quite well.  While I typically don’t eat seafood, I will eat fish and chips, which is also a popular dish in Ireland.
  5. Sites! The Guinness Storehouse When I went out to Colorado to visit Brittany we went to a really cool brewery.  I think it’d be pretty interesting to see the Guinness brewery since it is a famous beer. The bonus is that its less than $20 bucks to visit! Talk about “ballin’ on a budget!” Temple Bar. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about Temple Bar, with the most negative comment being that there are a lot of tourists. However, I figure I am a tourist, so how bad can it be? Lonely Planet writes “it’s not all booze and infamy: you can browse for vintage clothes, check out the  latest art installations or get your nipples pierced and nibble on Mongolian  barbecue.” Well, that sounds good to me! (Except for the nipple piercing part, I think I’ll pass on that for now!) Trinity College. If I was a billionaire I probably would have studied abroad here.  The campus is beautiful, and definitely a place I’d like to take a run or walk through in the morning. Trinity College’s library is also home to the Book of Kells, and how can I not check that out?  Who knows, maybe I’ll have to talk Brittany into breaking out her dancing shoes, and visit the Irish Dance Party!  At the Irish Dance Party people get to learn three different traditional Irish dances and also get to watch the professionals bust a move!

These are the main reasons why I’d really like to go to Dublin.  I know there are so many other great aspects, and would love to hear about them from anyone who has been to Dublin before!  I think that a lot of the cultural features of Ireland align with the cultural things I value.  I can’t wait to travel there, and am worried that I might not want to leave!

I have also become pretty interested in seeing a “football” or rugby game, so if anyone has any information about seeing a game please let us know! I’m sure seeing a match in Europe would be awesome!

Until next time!

Kelly =]

3 responses to “Let’s Go to Ireland!

  1. According to budgettravel.com, the Maamturk Mountains in Galway are perfect for a short cycling tour. It says there are gentle climbs and exhilirating falls all leading to the only fjord in Ireland. Sounds beautiful and I have always thought of Ireland being beautiful by bike! A great way to cover alot in a shorter time and cheaper than rental car or tour. They recommend bikehireireland.com as a great place to rent bikes in that area. I hope you give it a try!

  2. Kelly, with regard to Pubs, you could have started drinking three years ago, the legal age to consume alcohol here is 18. If you visit Trinity College, see can you get a studnet to bring you into see the Book of Kells and The Long Room, it is €9, howvere they can bring in a gues for free.

  3. I see that you want to see “football”, in Ireland that can mean two things, (1) the game that you call soccer or (2) Gaelic football, if that is what you want to see check out http://www.gaa.ie and check out fixture lists. The main stadium is Croke Park, it holds 82,000 people.

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