“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” -George Bernard Shaw

Ahhhh, the essential ingredients to life. Lovely, delicious, wonderful food. In another post by Kelly about budgeting, we talked about making our own food (pasta and pb&j for two months – awwww yeah!) but we will also be taking a little time (and money) to enjoy local meals.

There are plenty of websites that boast lists of the best cities in the world, and Europe, for food. I also found this cool article from Lonely Planet about Europe’s Best Food Trucks. Apparently there’s an awesome food truck stop by Kings Cross in London called Eat St. That will definitely be fun to check out on our trip. Also, Time Out London has a very nice list of cheap eats in London (although according to my wallet, they’re not very cheap). Most importantly, I cant wait to eat some fish and chips. I had the best fish and chips ever while I was in London. We went to the restaurant twice. It was ridiculously expensive but sooooo tasty! Unfortunately I cant remember the name of it or even the street it was on for that matter. Oh well. And of course we will need to stop in a pub. or two. or five…

Paris also made the food truck list, but why go to a food truck when there are tons of places throughout the city to just grab a crepe? Or a baguette? Also, can you say vino, anyone? The last time I was there, for about two days, I basically just ate Nutella crepes the whole time. Don’t judge me. It was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. Don’t worry, at some point in time I had a real meal as well. And tasted some duck. But Paris is on several lists of the “best cities for food” (Forbes, Food and Wine, Fodor’s…you get the idea) so maybe this time I should try to eat something other than crepes. Ha.

Another place that would be awesome for food would be Spain. Why, you ask? Tapas, tapas, tapas. Oh, and seafood, seafood, seafood. Also, can you say vino, anyone?

I’m a little disappointed we wont be returning to Italy. Mostly for the food. At least one Italian city is basically on every “best cities for food” list imaginable. We had some of the most delicious meals while we were in Italy. Homemade pasta, delicious pizza, seafood and the GELATO. Oh man is that stuff good. Nothing I have ever had in the U.S. tastes as amazing as the gelato we ate in Italy. Also, can you say vino, anyone?

But one thing that is really important to take into consideration is water quality. Fellow travel blogger Viviana Ayere commented on my post on travel tips saying:

" should caution people to be careful of which country they 
drink the tap in. I.E. you don't want to drink the water in 
Mexico, and probably not in India or Bangladesh. I'm going to 
Ireland which isn't much of a worry, but there are some countries 
with less than sanitary water (do the research!)."

I did drink the water on my trip to Mexico (I had no choice, I was on a service trip) and let me tell you, I did NOT have a good time when I got home! So yes, that is absolutely something to take into consideration.

On that note, let your stomachs rejoice and not recoil with all the wonderful meals and treats you indulge in this holiday season! Happy eating!




  1. Food is a necessity, so why not enjoy it while traveling? And might I just add, VINO!!!! (well you did ask us to say it!)

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