Guest Blogger: A Half Dollar

With Kelly being incredibly sick the last two days and Christmas just around the corner, Mom decided she would help out and add her “two cents” this week! Here’s what she had to say:

A mother’s perspective

When asked my occupation, I have always responded with the title “household engineer”. It is a job that I take great pride in everyday. Most importantly to me is being a good spouse and partner, and being the best Mom that I can be. I take great pride in the job of raising two amazingly talented, successful and beautiful daughters. We raised our girls with solid values, a strong work ethic and an understanding of setting attainable goals. The hard part for parents is always the fine line of boundaries and when parental involvement has met it limits. This is one of those times I may be stepping over that line. But with one daughter in bed with the stomach flu and one needing some time to recoop from a stressful semester at grad school, I thought I would put my two cents in to the blog.

Our daughters have had their tiffs, ups-n-downs, and the usual sibling stuff. Moments like making the younger sister do the naughty stuff (drinking perfume and have mommy and daddy smell it), the younger one blaming the older one for everything, the baby getting her way MOST of the time – but these two have a relationship like no other. This is the true reason why I didn’t flinch at the thought of them taking off on their adventure for the upcoming summer. I couldn’t think of someone I would rather have each of them travel through Europe with. The experience and time spent together is one I cannot imagine, that invaluable gift they will be giving each other for a lifetime. I am sure they will have their moments, but through thick or thin, I know there is not one thing they could not manage together. I am truly at ease with the upcoming adventure they will engage in together.

I would like to share a few thoughts as a parent on this journey. I can tell you that having confidence in your children allows them to have confidence in themselves. It is really a circle, one giving to the other, and so on. Trust your children and their choices. Allow your children to make mistakes, they will only learn and grow from them. Listen to what they share with you – you will not always have that luxury. And lastly, always give them unconditional love and support. This is something that they will always value.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a healthy New Year!

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