Flying High

“Who lives sees, but who travels sees more.”

So in order to do any kind of traveling, you have to first GET there. And more often than not, you’re flying.

I remember when I was a little girl and going to the airport and getting on the plane was so thrilling. It was exciting to go somewhere new, and the flight attendant would bring me those silly “wings.”

Now I just get stressed out and hope there are no crazies on my flight. You know that person you see while sitting in the airport that you REALLY don’t get stuck next to? The creepy guy with a mustache wearing a t-shirt that says “Girls Gone Wild Crew Member”? Yeah, well, I’ve had to sit next to that guy. I’ve also encountered a couple of in-flight pukers. The worst though was when one airline wouldn’t give me water. I HAD TO PAY FOR THE WATER. It was a six-hour flight! I’m sorry, but that’s just B.S.

At least my luggage hasn’t been lost *yet*.

Anywho, with airlines now trying to cram more and more people onto one plane, the lovely security we need to deal with and the increasingly high cost of flights, flying really seems to have lost its luster.

Speaking of increasing costs, according to an article from NBC News, some airlines are considering going so far as to charge a fee for NOT checking yourself in. It’s predicted that airfare prices will rise by about 7 percent this year too. Boo. That’s not good when you’re traveling on a small budget. Actually I think the flight will be the most expensive part of our trip. But the article also states:

International fares will still be expensive because of fuel 
surcharges, but globetrotters may see some price breaks if 
they depart from U.S. cities where foreign carriers are 
expanding their service...

And don’t worry, along with these extra fees will come a few upgrades as well. Watch this short video about what to expect in airline improvements for 2013. In the meantime, I’ll be hunting down the cheapest airfare I can find!



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