Planning time!

Two weeks ago I wrote about obtaining my passport. Guess what? I still haven’t filled out the paperwork. But, life happens, I haven’t forgotten about it, and it will get done. What I have been doing instead though, is A TON of research about cities and sights in Europe that I want to see. You see, when Brittany and I started to plan where we wanted to go on our trip, we quickly realized that we (especially me) needed to research and figure out specific spots we wanted to go, and what we want to do.  So this past week I’ve spent hours reading blogs and websites for tips and suggestions of where to go and what to do in Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Austria and Spain.  While I would love to visit Spain, after researching it more and talking to Brittany it has become pretty clear that we won’t have time to see everything we’d want to see there and we would need to travel so far out of the way.  This is the type of thing we needed to figure out. Which places are within reach of visiting, and is it realistic that we can see and visit the places we want to in each city during our trip?

While researching on the internet I stumbled upon a GREAT site that has already proven itself incredibly useful to me:

The website includes so many great features which have helped me focus during my researching.  They include:

  • Destination & Topic Forums-The best advice and suggestions always come from people who have experience.  The forums allow people to post questions about certain locations and ask for suggestions from previous and current travelers.
  • Travel Guides-The location-specific guides have information about sights, events, the climate, food, and even hostels.
  • Maps-Travellers Point also let you create a map itinerary of your trip. If you like having visuals like I do, you’ll love this feature. It is incredibly easy to add stops and then go back and change your plan around more. Here is a ROUGH draft of our itinerary this summer.
  • Blogs-You can also create your own blog on Travellers Point.  I haven’t been able to check that feature out yet, and probably won’t since we already have ours set up here. However, I do think its pretty sweet that there are so many features in one place!
  • Photos-You can upload your pictures from traveling on the site, and check out others as well.

Ultimately, Travellers Point allows you to easily plan, preview and share your trip experiences.  I love how easy it is to maneuver around the website and have everything you need and want to share is all in one place.

Now I need to go fill out some passport paperwork! =P


2 responses to “Planning time!

  1. Thanks for the kind words re Travellerspoint Kelly. I’m Sam (Sam I Am on TP) and one of the founders of the site. I don’t get to post as much as I used to/would like to, but it’s super nice to read feedback like this out of the blue!

    Enjoy the trip planning 🙂

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