Smart Travel Apps

This Christmas I got one of the coolest gifts ever! [Aside from a date with Bradley Cooper ;-)] My parents took the plunge and bought me an Iphone! Yes I know, most people have had smart phones for 2-3 years now, but not me, so this was an incredibly exciting present! I love how easy it is to use, that it takes great pictures (that I don’t even need an actual camera) and that there are thousands of awesome apps to use!  I even have an app that senses my sleeping patterns so that my alarm clock will only ring when I am not in REM cycle. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I’ll probably be bringing that bad boy along with me on our trip to Europe this summer.  I don’t think I’ll be using it for phone calls per se, but for the camera, music, apps and internet! I have been looking around and picked out three cool apps that I want to use on our trip.

TripRider: I saw this app on a lovely travel blog called Her Packing List which is a great resource for female world travelers.  This app is like your own personal assistant/agenda/accountant.  It is referred to on the TripRider website as “a comprehensive travel planning solution.” Here are the key features:

-create a packing list

-manage and keep track of money spending

-store photos of maps and important documents

-keep a diary

-schedule an itinerary

I love how the app can create a place where you can take pictures and write down information about your documents like passports, credit cards and tickets in case you lose them.  They are password protected too, so people can’t get to them. Or if a wrong password is entered too many times by someone trying to steal your info, it will remove all of that information. That is much safer than just storing pictures of those documents on your phone. For someone who likes to be pretty organized and have lots of lists when it comes to work, school and travel plans, this will be a great app for me. Download it here from the apple store for only $4.99!

WeHostel: One of my biggest fears about our trip is that we will end up stranded without a place to stay at night. I know that is a little silly, but it still is something I’m fearful of. So you best believe I will be downloading WeHostel – an app that lets you search for local hostels, book a room and meet other people who are staying in the area.  The app has pictures, prices and information about each hostel that you see in your results.  When you book the hostel you are only charged a 10 percent deposit to guarantee you will be staying there. And you know what the best part is? IT’S FREE PEOPLE!!!!

Instagram: First of all I need to make it very clear that Brittany HATES THIS APP. She loathes it, despises it and wishes that it had never come to fruition!!!!!! Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but the point is she hates it, I like it, we’re lucky it made it into the post. [On a side note, 80 million other people love Instagram like me…just sayin’.] Basically the app lets you take a new or  pre-existing picture, edit it and share it with friends on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  It provides your basic editing features like cropping and lighting, but it also has some awesome filters that you can use to make a picture look cool.  This app is also FREE, and can be downloaded in iTunes!

So for now these are three apps that I’ll download and use on our trip, but I still plan on doing some more research on what other helpful apps are out there!

Anyone have any suggestions?

Have a happy and chocolate-y Valentines Day!

❤ Kelly

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