According to Plan

“Without a plan you’re going to stay where you are. It’s time to make a move.” -Thema Davis

Nothing in life ever goes according to plan. You could lay everything out perfectly in your head and it’s still not going to go that way. You can’t plan life. There’s too much chaos. There’s too much change.

I shouldn’t say “too much,” because change is good. But in terms of plans, well, change really screws everything up. So I think you know what I’m getting at here. Our plans for Europe have changed.

It all started with figuring out when we were going to go to, and come back, from Europe. Kelly wanted to wait until after her birthday, which means we couldn’t leave until the second week of June. We both needed to be back at the very beginning of August so I could start searching for a job and so Kelly could get her life together before heading back to college. So really we were only going to have about seven weeks there. Now seven weeks seems like a pretty long time, but really it’s not. I mean, Christmas was just eight weeks ago and how fast has time gone since then?

So that got me thinking. If we went everywhere we wanted to go in just seven weeks this summer, we’d always be traveling, spending only a little bit of time in each city and spending a lot of money just to get between places. It sounded more stressful than fun to me. So I proposed a new idea to Kelly:

What if we just traveled around the UK instead of everywhere in Europe?

We would just hop between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Of course, we also could catch a train down to Paris for a few days since it’s so easy to do from London. But this way, Kelly could get to know the culture of a place by having more time to spend there – like she had talked about doing, we’d get to do more exploring rather than always going from one place to the next and I could have more time to look for a job over there. Yep. I said it. I’m doing a little searching for a job in England (so if you know anyone who’s hiring…).

Kelly was a little hesitant at first because she didn’t think it was something I really wanted to do. But really, it just seemed to make the most sense. And the more we talked about it, the more excited she got. Snardy Pants (aka Kelly) said she felt it was meant to be, since she had only really been looking at places and sites to see in England and Ireland. And I would still get to hit up the one country I was really dying to go to – Scotland. While the airfare may be more expensive than it would be to say, Germany, we wont be spending all the money on trains or other modes of transportation as we would’ve before.

Moral of the story is, nothing is going to go the exact way you want it to. Be prepared to change things around. And you never know, it may work out for the better. A more favorable plan may come along.

So off to the UK we go!



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