A Perfectly Organized Trip Planner

I get overwhelmed pretty easily when I have a ton of information and no way to organize it. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who is this way though. In fact, humans naturally categorize people and things (hence why we have stereotypes) in order for our brains to function and sort through all of the information. There is a fun little Communication Studies/Sociology fact for ya! Who said reading our blog wouldn’t teach you anything! ANYWAY, while conducting research for our trip, I’ve been having a hard time sorting out the websites of cool tours, sights and restaurants that we want to go to, along with a rough itinerary and Maps of Europe. I think the super cool people at Travellerspoint must have been reading my mind though, because after connecting with them in the Planning time! post a few weeks back and chatting with them on twitter, they shared with me the creation of their latest tool the Travel Planner!

The three greatest features of the planner include:

  • Map/Itinerary Creation:

Here is a link to our itinerary and Map! Similar to the Map feature I discussed when I talked about Travellerspoint before, however, the map is conveniently located with the other Travel Planner features. It makes it easier for me to have the trip map right in front of me, right next to the other features! Check it out:

Itinerary Pic

  • Bookmarking!

This is probably my favorite feature. As a fan of Pinterest, I had been creating boards for different cities, and “pinning” websites of tours, restaurants and activities to do in Europe.  Now though, I can bookmark them to a specific destination on my itinerary.  On my favorites bookmark (at the top of my internet explorer) I can click a bookmark “Add to Travel Plan.”This will then bookmark the website about the Guinness Storehouse to the Dublin section in my itinerary.  This is a perfect way to keep an idea of what places we want to see, and organized by location and date in our trip.  Check out this screen shot!

blog itinerary

  • Transportation Option Search

Finally, the Travel Planner provides the option of helping you search for transportation options.  While I may not finalize my transportation plans through this tool, it gives me an idea as I am looking over my itinerary what form of transportation I will take, and what path I will most likely will be taking.  Another screen shot below shows how this feature works:

Travel options

Thus far, I have loved everything that Travellerspoint has created for global travelers. There are many other features for the Travel Planner besides the ones that I mentioned – share your map, choose travel dates and even use an exchange rate tool.  I’m really glad that Travellerspoint shared this new tool with me. I’ve only just started using it and I LOVE IT. I can’t wait to continue using it to help organize all of my websites, cities and itinerary plans!

The Travel Planner even tells me that there are about 110 days until the trip! I can’t wait and know it will be here so soon!!! I better keep on planning!

Until next time!


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