On the Road Again

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

Greetings from Telluride!

I’ve been spending the weekend in the San Juan mountains of Colorado to do an interview for a story I’m writing. It’s not just any story, it’s the BIG story. The article I’m writing for my thesis. But of course, I didn’t need to spend the whole weekend down here for a 4 hour interview, but might as well turn work into play, right?

This is just one of seven, that’s right, SEVEN, trips I’ll be taking over the next four months. Next weekend I’m heading to Anaheim for Natural Products Expo West to do some research for NewHope360 (where I intern). Then I’m going to Seattle for three days over spring break for a little fun. At the beginning of April I’ll be heading to the BEA/NAB convention in Las Vegas for some networking and educational experiences (Seriously, this is such a great opportunity. I’m NOT going for Vegas!). Upon graduating (yay!) it looks like a road trip back home to New York from Colorado with my dear friend Leia, who also accompanied me on the trip this weekend. Then it’s family vaca time in Mexico and last but not least, the whole reason for this blog in the first place, our seven week trip to the U.K.!

Phew! It’s going to be a crazy few months. An AWESOME few months.

But let’s get back to Telluride. This place is beautiful. And it’s not your typical ski town…even though it is a ski town. You know all those ugly, crap-tastic condos you see invading most big ski towns? Yeah, those aren’t really in the city of Telluride. There are cute little shops, several places to grab a bite and a gondola over the mountain to the ski resort that is free! You can’t beat awesome views of the city at no additional price – I just hope you dont mind heights! Not to mention that little valley is surrounded by some spectacular mountains (and I hear the skiing is supposed to be pretty good, too 😛 ). So, in order for you to get the full effect of how much fun my visit to Telluride was, I thought I’d put together a slideshow of my photos from the day. Check it out – It’s gorgeous!



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