A trip home

So while Brittany is traveling around Colorado and now California, I’ve just been traveling home.  But, a trip is a trip!

While I love being at college, and think it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, sometimes a break from school is what the doctor ordered.

Yesterday after my final midterm (A fun-filled 50 question multiple choice test all about evolutionary and behavioral socialization – trust me it’s cooler than it sounds), I finally did the dishes I’ve been putting off and packed up to head home on my three and a half hour drive back home.  When I first learned to drive, I was scared and nervous. Now I absolutely love getting behind the wheel, turning my iPod on and clearing my mind on the open road.  As I drove home I thought all about my life at school – my classes, my upcoming events, my friends and peers, all of those inner conflicts we’re always trying to sort out.  The closer I got to home, the more my thoughts began to change to the people and things going on at home.

That’s when I realized that I am almost living in two different worlds.  Essentially I am.

While I’m at school I’m surrounded by different people and participating in different daily life events.  While I still think about my loved ones at home, it is really easy to be disconnected. I also realized I’m a different person at school than I am at home.  I’m constantly busy with events and trying to practice three characteristics: positivity, respect and responsibility. Yet, at home I’m completely laid back (probably too laid back if you ask my mom how clean my room is) and seen as the “jokester” in our family.

This difference in personality based on location used to bother me.  I felt like I was being fake or a fraud around my friends and peers at school.  But thanks to this socialization class (the one with the 50 question exam) I learned that’s not necessarily the case.  It’s in our human nature to fill different “roles” and behave and act in certain ways around specific people and in specific environments.  At college I have a lot more responsibilities and therefore fill that role there.  When I take that trip home, I slowly start to relax and loosen those reigns of responsibility. I mean, just take a peak at some photos from when I was younger, it’s not hard to deny I was quite the “ham.”

old days

Look at these photos I found from the good ol’ days…

What does this have to do with our trip to the UK? I’m sure you’re all wondering that.  Well here’s the thing. Over the past year, no matter where I am, I’ve learned so much about myself and life in general.  My mindset is that whatever I do, I should do it because it makes me happy or will be beneficial to myself and my own happiness down the road.  That has led me to the decision to travel Europe (or now just the UK).  On our trip, I already know that “role” I want to fill.  I want to enjoy every stinking moment of our trip – even if we’re lost in London or its raining during a hike in Ireland.  I’ll be curious and try foods I haven’t heard of, and observe new cultures and people.

I believe that travel provides us all the opportunity to not only discover new parts of our beautiful and amazing world, but also to uncover aspects about ourselves that we didn’t know existed. That’s my point.  Even just a trip back home has shown me how different the two places I call home are.  So I urge you all to consider traveling not only to see our world, but also to see new parts of your own self.

I know this post may be a little “cheesier” than usual – but that side tends to come out a lot more when I’m home! 😛


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