Losing my passport….and other things I’m afraid of

A few nights ago I had the same dream again.  I was in a public place, minding my own business, when I realized I was not wearing any clothes! Awesome. I literally didn’t have one single ounce of clothing on, except for a pair of sneakers. They weren’t very helpful though, except for the fact it made it easier for me to try to run to find some clothes! So what does this have to do with travel? Well two things:

  • You now know I probably won’t be visiting a nude beach or dancing topless on tables (I think my dad just had a sigh of relief).
  • And we all have things we are fearful of, especially when traveling.

Over the past ten months, not only have I thought about the places we’ll see and adventures we’ll have, but I’ve also worried.  I’ve worried about the many different things that can go wrong. Somehow, I’ve been able to convince myself that with each potential problem, there is a way to solve it!

Potential problems:

  1. I lose my passport. This one is an easier one to solve–JUST DON’T LOSE IT! Handling my passport is something I’ll need to be particularly conscious about. Just taking the time to take it out and put it back in a specific place will mean that I won’t lose it.  If you do something in a particular way every time, you have a better chance of not messing that up.  Also, I looked into getting a passport ID card.  While it doesn’t double as a passport, it is still another solid form of ID to have in case I were to lose my passport and need to get a new one.
  2. I lose/run out of money. I’m relying on Brittany for this one! I know she has already created a budget for the trip (which I’m hoping she’ll post about how to create a budget), so I’ll probably follow a similar plan.  I also learned from my mother that it is smart to store some safety  money in random places where people will never think to look. That way you always have that safety net in case you need it!
  3. We get lost/stranded/have no place to stay. Brittany and I are taking this trip so we can have adventures and experience new things. Therefore, if we get lost, so what? If we are stranded so what? (Just kidding!) If we don’t have a place to stay we’ll make do! While we will always stay as safe as possible, since we are traveling as a pair these situations don’t seem as daunting.  I know I can trust and rely on my sister and that we’ll get through what ever situations we face.
  4. Brittany and I get into a huge fight. Compared to most siblings, Brittany and I don’t fight too often. If we do fight, chances are it is about something as trivial as what flavor ice cream to buy at the grocery store. We will get into a few arguments here and there, but I know we won’t have a huge blow up fight, because we won’t let that happen.  Since we’re both conscious about it, we’ll take our time to regain our thoughts, give each other space and then move on!
  5. I get sick or injured. This would be very inconvenient, but could potentially happen. Before we depart I plan on looking into how healthcare is provided in the UK, so I have an understanding of what to do if we did need to see a doctor or go to a hospital.  For minor bumps and bruises I’m sure we’ll pack first aid stuff.  Sometimes there are just things that you can’t plan for. This may be one of them.

It’s natural to have fears and worries, especially when traveling to other countries.  What it boils down to is doing some background research, remaining as calm as possible and just going with the flow!

–Here’s to hoping I don’t keep having these anxiety-driven dreams and to having a safe and fun trip!


One response to “Losing my passport….and other things I’m afraid of

  1. I love reading this, I just wish you were here now! As for travel fears, I know I’ve been really paranoid about pickpockets (probably because every 5 seconds you’ll see another sign warning you about them) but really, as long as you’re not stupid about it (DON’T sign petitions -for anything, ever) it’s fine. And healthcare should be relatively easy- if your plan covers you abroad all you have to do is have your card. Also I found it was a load off my mind to keep a copy of my passport in each bag I brought- even if that means one in your pocket and one in your back pack, it’s good to know you have back up. Although losing it is not the end of the world! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures 🙂

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