The trip before the trip

Some of you may be familiar with the TV show Jersey Shore.  Each night, before the Guidos head out to the local bar or club, they throw on the “shirt before the shirt.”  Basically this is something fun and casual to wear while they hangout and prepare for the night to unravel. Well, Brittany and I are going on a “trip before the trip.” In a few weeks we will be traveling with our amazing parents on a family vacay before we head over to the UK.  I’m sure my mom won’t be very pleased that I’m comparing our 10 day trip to Playa Del Carmen to a casual lounging T-shirt, but you get my drift.

Why take another vacation? My immediate family has a lot to celebrate. Between milestone birthday’s and Grad school graduation (congrats Britt!), our family has hit quite a few milestones in the past two years. So let’s get the tequila flowing!

Why Playa del Carmen? Can you say warm weather, great atmosphere, nightlife and tequila? I’m just kidding about that last one (*no she’s not* -Britt)! We decided as a family that although we could take yet another trip to Florida, why not see some place new? We wanted to go somewhere that would be warm and had beaches, but also wouldn’t break our budget. Playa Del Carmen is a great option because not only is it warm and filled with beaches, but it has so much more to offer. For my incredibly hard-working parents, vacation is a time to really unwind and relax. Brittany and I however, can’t sit around on the beach all-day, every-day, and would like to stay active and really see what Playa has to offer.  While on vacation we may go deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, zip lining and of course, check out the nightlife! When Britt and I are off doing all these fun activities my dad can rest in the shade if he isn’t quite into it, and we’ll all be happy! Check out what Trip Advisor suggests are the top 26 attractions or this list my mom also found.

So where are we staying?  In the past we have stayed in condos in Myrtle Beach, St. Petersburg and even Puerto Rico, so we looked into similar options in Mexico. Our family enjoys having a kitchen where we can have breakfast, lunch and occasionally our own dinner.  Having a living room area is also nice so we can unwind there or just hangout after a long day at the beach or a fun night out for dinner.  We would all prefer to have our own space, so we can be together as a family, not with the other 200+ people vacationing in Playa. All-inclusive can be great options for some people with the endless food and activities available. However, we enjoy our privacy and the freedom to do as we please. By staying in a condo we aren’t limited to certain restaurants or activities provided by the hotel.  We also don’t have to be surrounded by families with their 5 and 6-year-old children! For this trip, the all-inclusive scene just wasn’t for us. It makes more sense for us to have our own space, save some money and have the availability to go eat and explore where we want to!

I swear my mother should become a travel agent, because she does an awesome job researching different places to stay and activities for us to partake in, all which fit within our budget.  She used this great website, Vacation Rentals by Owner, to find the condo that we’ll be enjoying for 10 days. This is a great resource because it allows you to find accommodations that are different from your typical hotel room.  Also, since it is rented out by the owner, they can provide much more information about local things to do, great places to eat and what attractions are a MUST. Searching for a condo or house is also very easy, and fun, to do on this site.  All you have to do is put in your location and dates. Then when you get your results it is easy to sort through based on the number of rooms you need and your price range. I highly suggest using this website if you are not as interested in the touristy areas and high-priced hotel options. Not to mention there are some great pictures of the beach and fancy houses to browse through!

I am getting so incredibly excited for our upcoming adventure to Mexico! We went to Cancun when I was about five and I fell in love with a man who wore a speedo and a feather in his hair (*he was such a hottie. ha!* – Britt).  I probably won’t find him or fall in love with a Mexican, however, chances are I will fall in love with Playa and have an awesome and relaxing 10 days during the “trip before the trip!”

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