Viva la Mexico!

Hello from Mexico!

It is our third day in Playa Del Carmen, and so far it has been a great trip! I successfully slept through most of the plane ride, we had an excellent chauffeur to our condo, and have thoroughly enjoyed the condo’s rooftop terrace. Not to mention the margaritas have been excellent too!

One place in particular I would like to talk about is Util Pasta Factory a.k.a. Papa Charly Pasta Factory. This was an incredible “hole in the wall” authentic Italian restaurant that we ate at our first night in Playa. I know what you all are thinking…”YOU WENT TO MEXICO TO EAT ITALIAN??” No we certainly did not, as our first meal was an authentic Mexican lunch with quesadillas, enchiladas and mucho guacamole!

But, back to the fabulous Util! The restaurant was outdoors under tents covered in light ropes, with “feel good” (you know, that fun 70s and 80s type stuff) music playing in the background. There were multiple plants surrounding the backyard seating area that made you feel like you were eating in the comfort of your own patio. It really felt like you just found a secret Italian restaurant!

On top of the welcoming and cool atmosphere, the food was delicious. Brittany had the “cannelones papa charly.” When our waiter/the owner, Charly, brought out our meals, he also brought a blow torch! Using the torch he made her dish (and our mom’s) heat up and turn the top layer of cheese nice and brown! On top of that, I had the most delicious gorgonzola fettuccine that could have fed our entire family! Okay I’m exaggerating, but I’m looking forward to those leftovers for lunch tomorrow 😉 . To accompany my pasta I had a nice glass of the house red. Red wine, that is. Typically I don’t like red wine as much as I love Moscato (special thanks to Jesse for introducing me to that!), but I LOVED Util’s house wine. It went perfectly with my pasta and wasn’t too strong for just a casual dinner out.

All in all, I can’t say enough positive things about our dinner at Util. Charly was great and friendly and didn’t mind our poor Spanish! He even gave us suggestions on what to order. The amount of food that we were given in comparison to the final bill price was also a surprise! It was much less than we ever expected for the amount of quality food we ate.  If ever traveling to Playa Del Carmen, I highly suggest checking out Util! Also, check out their Facebook page and reviews on TripAdvisor!

Some quality photos of Brittany and I enjoying our meal at Util:





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