A little rain never hurt nobody

It has only been a few days since we’ve returned from our trip to Playa del Carmen, and I have to say I truly feel relaxed. That was my goal for our trip to Mexico, so I am quite happy with the results. After an intense, challenging and fun-filled spring semester at college, down time was exactly what the doctor ordered. We enjoyed days at the beach, strolled along 5th Avenue and went on that exciting fishing trip! However, toward the end of our time in Playa Del Carmen, we had a little bit of rain. While most people think rain destroys their entire vacation, I welcomed it with open arms. Now, while we are abroad this summer, Brittany and I will experience a solid amount of rain. But there are some trips where you really hope the forecast shows only sunshine and warm weather.  However, there are so many things you can still do even if it is raining. Brittany and I stumbled across a great post by Reena Ganga from Wanderplex which talks about the top 17 things to do on vacation if it’s raining. Below I’ve listed some of their ideas, and some of my own!

  1. Go to a Spa– Spa treatments and massages are considered some of the most relaxing practices a person can experience. In Playa there were massages available on the beach and throughout town for fairly inexpensive prices. I don’t necessarily love the idea of having other people touching my body, however, if you can go to a spa at your hotel, or some place local while on your trip, this is a great suggestion to help you relax and fill your time!
  2. Read a book– This is one of my own suggestions. For those of us who are very busy in our daily lives, or are forced to read boring books for college classes, it is a beautiful thing when we actually have time to read a book. During those two cloudy, rainy days in Playa I was able to get lost in a fun and easy read. I don’t know about all of you, but I sure do enjoy just stepping into someone else’s world for a while by reading a book!
  3. Hangout with locals- Ms. Ganga suggested this in her post. She gave an example about how she would go to the pubs that weren’t filled with tourists. Not only does this provide a more authentic experience, but also a way to make friends with the locals. She said that even if you don’t speak their language, they are more friendly when they see you making an effort. This is 100% true. Although a lot of my Spanish skills came back in Playa, I still was not fluent by any means. However, our wait staff and bartenders loved it when we tried to speak to them in their native tongue.
  4. Go to the beach!– This idea was something that both Ms. Ganga and I agreed on. As long as the weather isn’t too dangerous, if you were going to get wet in the ocean anyway, why not still go to the beach? If it isn’t too cold and you won’t get struck by lightning, following through with you plans – the water can still be enjoyable! I know I wasn’t the only kid who would dance in the rain when I was younger. Go embrace your childish side and have fun in the rain!
  5. Go to a Museum!- If the rain is keeping you indoors, I say, why not go check out a local museum. Whether its famous or just about the local history or art, a museum is always a good bet (and a little educational, too)!

The next time you’re on a vacation and the rain seems to ruin your plans, stop and take a step back. Often people plan way to many things to do on their trip, and should see the rain as an opportunity to relax even more. If you don’t need more down time, use some of these suggestions or the ones listed on Wanderplex. Just remember a little rain never hurt nobody, and enjoy your trip!!


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