Great Expectations

Thursday afternoon I felt like I was back at my high school prom. I had been so excited to get to Galway and expected that it would be great and that I would have so much fun. But, like my high school prom, it just wasn’t living up to my expectations at all. Don’t get me wrong, I was having a great time. Brittany and I got to explore the beautiful coast, wander into cozy pubs and experience traditional music played along the Galway streets. But I didn’t fall in love with the city as I had expected.

So I decided to enjoy the music and dance around with my friends! Or was that prom? Haha but seriously, I thought, what was it that I really was expecting to experience in Galway? I had read so many articles about the great pub atmosphere and how fun the nightlife was for hen parties. Experts had painted a picture of crazy night-time adventures and beautiful strolls through cute streets. So I asked myself, what did I need to change or do to recreate these images, or maybe they weren’t so realistic after all?

Here is what I found myself thinking:

1. I’m really tired… The truth is jet lag stinks. Real bad. And after a fun-filled late night out in Dublin with our awesome Couch Surfing host on our first day, Brittany and I still hadn’t been able to catch up on our sleep yet. We walked at least 3-5 miles (or more) each day and were pretty pooped by the time everyone hit the pubs and clubs. There was just no way I could keep my eyes open any longer.

2. Galway is where the party’s at…I had read in countless places how great a location the city is for hen parties. While I pictured fun nights out I forgot that it was just Brittany and I going. While we did talk to a few people while out at the pubs, the overwhelming majority of people were either groups of friends, hen parties or couples. It made it pretty difficult for us to get to meet new people, plus my jet lag.

3.What we expect to happen, never really happens…Here’s the thing. Galway is gorgeous. Galway has great pubs. Galway encompasses a lively atmosphere. It really is a wonderful city. I had to stop thinking about all of my expectations and just realize “Woah, Brittany and I are actually on this trip right now.” Once that happend Thursday afternoon I really began to enjoy the little things. Watching performers on the street. Riding the bus through Connemarra to go to Clifden. Hanging out and just people watching in Eyre Square. You don’t have to be visiting every attraction or taking every tour to soak up the culture of the place you visit. Just because you aren’t running around and filling every second of your day doesn’t mean that you aren’t spending time wisely. I realized that it means you’re relaxing on your vacation and getting to see different aspects of your destination.

So Galway wasn’t everything I expected. But it helped me realize that I should stop expecting it all, to just let things happen (as Brittany had suggested in her bucket list) whether that’s on vacation or life in general. However, yesterday we arrived in Doolin, and so far it has been pretty great. It is going to be hard to not expect that this town is going to be incredibly awesome!

P.S. The sun doesn’t set until after 10 p.m. here….crazy!!

Hope you’re staying drier than we are 😉

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