Kelly’s Five Favorite Things About Ireland!

As we wind up our first two weeks of our trip we also are getting ready to leave Ireland and head off to London. We’ll be back to Northern Ireland and Dublin for a few days in late July. But the majority of out time in Ireland is almost complete. So, I’ve come up with a list of my favorite things about Ireland!

Here are my Top 5 favorite things about Ireland:

5. The People! I’ve heard countless people talk about how kind and funny the Irish are – and they’re not kidding! All of the people that we’ve met and spent time with have been so friendly and nice! At the start of our trip we Couch Surfed (remember Courtney’s post about CS?) with Marco who could not have been any more welcoming! He offered to help us in anyway he could and showed us how fun Dublin can be! When we were in Galway a woman saw me writing in my journal and walked right up to me saying that I should make sure I write a lot down so I can remember it all again as I read it in the nursing home! haha. The traditional music player we met in Doolin told us how beautiful we were. Our funniest interaction might have been with a shop owner who told us, “Don’t believe a word an Irishman tells ya!” Even hanging out with Brittany’s friend, Liam, and his friends was a blast. We easily felt like a part of the group and had so many laughs with them! Plus, I haven’t even mentioned the accents! I just love the way they say McNamara here! Seriously though, we’ve been so lucky to meet and stay with fabulous people so far and it’s definitely something I’ll miss when we leave!
4. Bulmers! When we were getting ready to come to Ireland I wondered what I’d be drinking at the pubs with Brittany. I don’t really like beer at all and I won’t be ordering shots or glasses of white wine to drink! But on our first night here I tried my first Bulmers and loved it! Bulmers is an Irish hard cider. Even though its fairly sweet both men and women do drink it here…so its not another “girly” drink! I’ve already told Britt that I know i’ll miss it back in the states!

3. The toilets! I’m only joking….but not really. The public toilet stalls are HUGE here! In most places they even have shelves in the stalls (which comes in handy for those of us traveling with big backpacks!). As much as Brittany makes fun of me for saying how “glorious” the bathrooms are, and as weird as you all may think this is, I really appreciate such high quality public bathrooms. When you’re wearing an outfit for the third time since its been washed and just walked through the rain for an hour, its nice to have bathrooms which actually supply toilet paper and hand dryers!

2. Traditional Irish Music… I know this one probably makes more sense than the last one. Brittany and I have had a great time going to pubs and listening to the trad sessions! I’ve caught myself tapping my toe and swinging my feet along to the beat quite a few times – haha. In Doolin we had an unbelievable night in Gus O’Connors pub listening to music, with my absolute favorite song “Plastic Jesus!” You had to be there to understand how hilarious this song was….which was all about the plastic Jesus sitting on the dashboard of a car.

1. It is so pretty here…In every town and city that we have visited the landscape and scenery has been beautiful. Galway and Dublin have cute streets filled with brightly colored shops. Ennis featured a pretty river that flowed right through the town and provided a nice river walk for us to take. And then there was Doolin. County Clare was just awesome to begin with. Driving through the Burren and into Doolin was a breath-taking drive. The eight mile hike to the Cliffs of Moher will probably be one of the most picturesque hikes I ever take. I won’t ever forget that day!

The past two weeks have been unforgettable and such an awesome experience. Brittany asked me the other day if I would be satisfied with our trip thus far if I had to leave to go home tomorrow. Though I’d be incredibly sad to leave, I’d have to say yes. We’ve had so many laughs, met wonderful people and seen gorgeous landscape. I know that I won’t be able to stay away from Ireland too long! (Especially since we’ll be back at the end of July 😛 )

Until next time!


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