A bit o’ luck

“The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.” -Tony Robbins

It’s a good thing that bird pooped on me two weeks ago. I know, weird statement right? But seriously, since then Kelly and I have experienced a lot of awesome coincidences. For some reason, things just keep going RIGHT. This makes Kelly really nervous that something is going to go terribly wrong soon, but I say we need to embrace it! Plus, it’s not like this trip has gone perfectly. If you remember, Kelly wasn’t exactly thrilled with Galway, and Ennis was kind of a bust since we couldnt get to the castle, which was the reason we went there, without it causing a small fortune. But those things aren’t really a big deal. Especially when all this pretty awesome stuff has been happening to us…

1. We got to “upgrade” our seats on our flight

This was pre-bird encounter but it’s still pretty sweet. Our flight to Ireland didnt end up being full so Kelly and I got to switch from middle seats to a spot with ample leg room (for Kelly and her knee) to an aisle seat with no one sitting in the middle (for me!). That was pretty awesome. Who wants to sit smooshed in the middle on a seven and a half hour flight?

2. McNamara celebration at the Cliffs of Moher

I already talked about this a bit in my last post, but what a coincidence this was. We just happened to be going to the Cliffs of Moher the week they were celebrating our last name. Seriously, I dont plan these things (as you’ll find out again in a few paragraphs). We got entered in to a drawing and received a little packet (which didn’t consist of much but hey, something is better than nothing!) for going to the Cliffs that week.

3. Tattoo Artist

Kelly and I have been planing on getting tattoos in Dublin at the culmination of our trip. To make sure we would be able to get them done at a clean studio with a decent reputation, we booked a time before we departed for London. We decided on Dublin Ink, at the suggestion of a friend, and when we made our booking we found out that Kevin MCNAMARA would be our tattoo artist. WHAT? no, really, WHAT? How does this type of stuff happen to us? It seems as though it is meant to be that we get these tattoos. Plus it made us both even more excited about getting them done.

4. Celebration at Buckingham Palace

Yesterday we just happened to stop by Buckingham Palace when we saw many a folk dressed in their finest with feathers in their hair and top hats on. Apparently the Queen was presenting new colors to the Nijmegen Company Grenedier Guards. So while we were standing around, we managed to see this. Pretty cool huh?

5. Wimbledon

Kelly and I were sitting in a pub Monday night before leaving the next day for London when they just happened to have tennis on TV. The conversation went as follows:

Me: “Wait, is Wimbledon happening right now?”

Kelly: “Looks like it”

Me: “It can’t be, I would’ve know that was happening while we were in London.”

Wrong. I didn’t know. Turns out it was happening while we were visiting London. So yesterday morning I sat at my tablet with ticketmaster open, waiting for the clock to strike 9 (when reserved seating for today’s matches would be going on sale). Then I submitted and resubmitted ticket requests for the next 15 minutes until it FINALLY went through. Yep, that’s right. Somehow I managed to get us TICKETS TO WIMBLEDON. You have no idea how exciting this is for me. Well, maybe you do, but I’m REALLY FREAKING EXCITED. I mean, it is WIMBLEDON after all!

So there you have it. The crazy coincidences we’ve been experiencing on our trip. At any rate, Kelly and I seem to be having a good luck spell (Thank you, Bird God!). Let’s hope things keep going our way! Pictures to come on Saturday of Wimbledon (and maybe a few others from London)!



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