Dan Radcliffe walks with a limp & other things about The Cripple of Inishmann

Saturday I acted like a groupy. I was a huge nerd. I admit that I was one of those crazy Harry Potter fans. I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit it, but those who know me well have probably seen me do sillier things, so no shame here.


Brittany and I found out that Noel Coward Theatre gives out tickets to The Cripple of Inishmann (which Daneil Radcliffe, a.k.a. Harry Potter, is staring in) for only 10 Pounds! So Saturday morning we rolled (literally) out of bed at 6 a.m. and were out the door at 6:30 to sit outside the theater for 3.5 hours to get our bargain tickets! I didn’t mind because it gave me sufficient amount of time to catch up on writing in my “diary” (I tell you people, I have no shame anymore).

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the play:

  1. Dan Radcliffe wasn’t hot in Harry Potter. He still isn’t hot in real life. I wouldn’t say that I was expecting him to be ridiculously good-looking in real life, but I am always so surprised how normal celebrities seem when you see them in person. Granted, Dan Radcliffe is only 5′ 4″, so when we waited outside to try and see a glimpse of him I couldn’t see him….even though I was only five yards away. But during the play he didn’t stand out much at all. His acting was fine, but not a million times better than the other performers. It just goes to prove that celebrities are really just very well-known people, and just like the rest of us. Except that they’re rolling in millions of dollars and get lots of cool stuff. I’m not bitter about THAT at all…*cough*
  2. The play was a combo of funny, depressing and weird all in one. I admit that the only reason why I wanted to see this play was because I really wanted to see Harry Potter and go to a show in London. So I didn’t even find out what the show was about until we were sitting on line at 7 a.m. It literally was about a crippled boy (played by Dan Radcliffe) that lived on the Aran Islands with his two “aunties” because his parents had died. He tried throughout the play to get away from gossip and find something worthwhile and worth living for. So naturally he tried to become an actor in Hollywood and naturally they don’t want him because he was a cripple (note: This is not my opinion, but Hollywood’s). Without giving away too much information, this guy continues to get beaten down (figuratively and literally). When you finally think that something may be going his way something sad and depressing happens! Although parts were depressing, there was also a lot of laughter. It was cool that we had just left Ireland, because this play was set there and included many jokes that dealt with Ireland. The funniest character was an old woman who was an incredibly heavy drinker. She reminded me of Sophia from the Golden Girls. An old spunky woman who had no filter when sharing her opinion! Though it was a strange combination of comedy and melancholy, the cast made it work and I liked it!
  3. Bargains are a girl’s best friend! I’d have to say that we got a great deal scoring those tickets for roughly $15. Everything in London has seemed pretty expensive because of the U.S. dollar/Great Britain pound conversion rate. It can be quite frustrating at times how much more expensive things can be! However, not only did we get tickets, but we got seats that weren’t the worst in the theater! We were on the second level, last row – but not up on the third tier! Sure it would have been awesome to be in the front row, but for Britt and I this was a fun thing to do on a Saturday night, and just pretty cool that we could be in the presence of Harry Potter (ok, ok, Dan Radcliffe). In actuality, we probably couldn’t have asked for a better situation. We paid the cheapest price possible, had decent seats and could say that we waited on line for a really long time! haha. But seriously, we both said that we had never done something like that before, so it was a cool new thing to experience together on our trip!

I’d have to say that it was pretty cool seeing Dan Radcliffe in real life (though he was hobbling around stage the entire time) and the play was quite entertaining. Honestly when can you say that you only paid $15 to go see a celebrity you admired and see some entertainment?!? While the show was not what I was expecting (although what can you expect when you don’t know what it is about?!) and it was neat to see that even Harry Potter is just another human, I was really happy we were able to go!

The days keep flying by and soon our time in London will be done! =[ So I’m off to enjoy another hard cider with Brittany!

-Cheers! (I love this saying now!)

Kelly 🙂

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