I went to the “city of love!”…with my sister

As you all now know, Brittany and I recently went to Paris for two days. You know what that means, time for Kelly’s favorite things about Paris!!

I NEVER thought I would like Paris as much as I did! I expected to be bored in museums, treated poorly by snobby Parisians, and hate walking around in cloudy, dull weather. I should have known better than to expect these stereotypes to be true! From our fabulous couch surfing host to our waiters and ticket salesmen, everyone was very nice and didn’t mind our lack of French! Overall, it was a great two days!

For my favorite things:

1. Montemartre– This part of Paris was amazing! Located on top of a hill, Brittany and I were able to see gorgeous views of the city below. People all around us were drinking wine and beer and soaking up every minute of the setting sun. It was one of those moments that you would see in a movie.  We wandered along cobblestone streets and passed Parisian artists sketching caricatures, stores filled with artwork and even Gelaterias! We winded our way down the hill passing bars and crepe shops. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the motorbike lined streets were. It would be the perfect destination for a romantic holiday!

2. Paris’s History– Some of you may not know how much I enjoy learning about WWII. I was treated to a fascinating story on our Free Walking Tour. Apparently, as Hitler was withdrawing troops from France as U.S. and ally forces were invading Normandy, he ordered for Paris to be destroyed.  He knew the city was full of beautiful historic buildings, and felt that if he couldn’t keep Paris, then he didn’t want anyone to! However, the officer that was in charge of following Hitler’s orders knew that if he did burn down Paris that he would be killed by the Americans. Yet, he and his family would probably be gunned down by Hitler if he refused to follow orders. Quite the predicament wouldn’t you say? So he decided to burn down one building in the center of the city. The ceiling was covered in glass which created an enormous black smoke cloud as it burned. As a result, Hitler believed that his orders were being followed. This bought time for Paris as the opposing forces made their way to recover the city. Ultimately the city still stands today, and there are only two spots that were damaged by WWII, the building with the glass ceiling another located by Notre Dame with a few gun shots in the wall. It is unbelievable how lucky we are to still have this beautiful and historic city today. If Hitler had his way, Paris would not be what it is!

3. Crepes! I absolutely loved crepes! Sweet with Nutella or savory with ham and cheese, you can’t beat em’! We were able to eat crepes for dinner at two restaurants during our stay and they were amazing! I enjoyed a cheese & ham and a mozzarella & tomato crepe. They were so flavorful yet not as heavy as many cheesy American dishes. Brittany and I also split a carmelized apple crepe which was so delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. If you ever go to Paris, I might suggest not wasting your time eating anything else besides crepes. I’m not kidding. There are so many options, anyone would be happy ordering one!

4. Eiffel Tower. Initially, I was quite disappointed with the Eiffel Tower. I thought it would be bigger than it was. And then we walked to the bottom of it. And I felt like a giant idiot. Because it was huge! I think the best decision we made was going to see the tower at night. The tower was breathtaking as it was golden and shining in the night. I can understand why Paris is called the city of love. As much as Brittany loves to cuddle, it would have been much more romantic to be sitting in the grass with a boyfriend sipping on a bottle of wine! Maybe on my next trip ;).

5. The Lack of Skyscrapers. The architecture of the buildings in Paris is one of the greatest parts of the city. Many of the buildings are incredibly old, yet still gorgeous. I’m glad that they created a law a few years back saying that buildings can not be higher than five stories (or something like that). While sky scrapers can be designed well and create optimal space for businesses, I really think it can take away from a city’s historical beauty. Paris really does a good job of retaining and preserving its historical buildings!

I was so surprised with how much I actually enjoyed Paris. While the sun shining weather probably helped illuminate some of the great sights in the city, I know I’m already planning where I want to go back to when I visit again! (Montemartre and the Eiffel Tower are definitely on the list).

As we get ready to leave England next week, I’ll be popping in to share my favorite things about England as well!

***note: history details are based on my memory and may lack accuracy. Please do not take them as fact!

Au vor!


One response to “I went to the “city of love!”…with my sister

  1. Kelly!! 😀
    I have truly enjoyed reading all the posts you & Brittany have written! Some of my favorites have been when you wrote about all your favorite things from each place & when Brittany posted about all the different places you were sleeping like hostels, home stays (?) etc. haha I don’t remember the names of them but I thought it was so cool learning about it! We got your postcard!!!!!!!! When Chris brought in the mail one day I asked if there was any for me & he was holding it. We fought about who got to read it first because he saw his name on it too but my name was written first ;P & of course Oscar/Odin got a turn to read it too! Lol we all just miss you so much! It now hangs on our fridge 🙂 I have LOVED all the pictures! It is so gorgeous over there & I really can’t wait to hear your stories behind each picture. Anyways, I know I’ve been writing you a novel, I am so glad you had an amazing trip & wishing you a safe trip home! I cannot wait to see you!!!!!!! Did I mention we miss you?!?!? Because Chris & I do…A LOT! Haha alrighty, we love you, K-Mac & see you soon! 🙂

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