We can’t stop eating

“So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.” -Franz Kafka

At the beginning of our trip, we were doing really well with making our own meals and avoiding eating out. Then we got to London and all hell broke loose.

We got lazy because at the end of the day we were tired and didn’t want to make anything. We liked going to new places and people watching. We liked not having any dishes to clean.

It started off with the fish and chips that I just had to find and eat again (success!), moved on to other traditional pub fare and finished with cheap pizza, wine and cannoli at a fantastic, authentic Italian joint called Trattoria Mondello (Goodge Street, London). It was a great meal and the owners were very polite and friendly. I would definitely recommend that restaurant to anyone looking for some tasty, cheap grub!

But besides just eating meals out, we also hit up quite a few food stands at markets too. We had heard a lot of great things about Borough Market, where vendors strictly sell food, so we decided to stop by there mid-day on a Saturday.

It. was. great!

We started off the day having fresh orange/pineapple and orange/apple juice. We then bought small raspberry containers that were being sold at 2 for 3 pounds. We continued to check out what else was available and picked up some cheese (I dont remember the name) that didn’t need to be refrigerated and traveled well. We couldn’t pass it up after having a small sample! We also found some focaccia, yogurt covered raisins and craisins (dried cranberries) and chocolate and cinnamon covered hazelnuts for our future travels.

We decided to walk around town for a bit (and pop into a pub for a drink) before coming back to grab some lunch. Mind you, we had a late breakfast so it was about 12:30 at this point. Upon returning we each got a sandwich. I had a delicious duck sandwich that was similar to a pulled pork sandwich, minus the barbecue sauce. Kelly got a panini from a small Italian stand made with fresh mozzarella and prosciutto. After that we decided it was time to try out cider that was being sold at the market. Unfortunately the cider wasn’t the best we’ve had, but we met a very pleasant Canadian woman who had moved to London. She told us that she was surprised that tourists would choose to spend an afternoon at Borough Market but that it was a good place to go and one of her favorite places.

Borough Market is definitely a fun place to stop in for a few hours. You can get cheap lunch, stock up on some veggies or fruits and pick up a special treat or two. Just make sure you don’t try to go on a Sunday! That’s the only day it’s closed!



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