What I wish I had

“Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You’ll find what you need to furnish it – memory, friends you can trust, love of learning, and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey.” -Tad Williams

I’ve read a few lists about what people miss about the U.S. when living in Europe. And we heard a few complaints from our ex-pat tour guide in Paris that were hysterical and understandable. So now I’ve come up with a list of my own, many of which I must say, were a surprise to me.

Things I thought I would miss but don’t:

home-cooked meals. We’ve actually done a decent amount of cooking for ourselves. A lot of it isn’t high quality, but gets the job done. Also, when we did all of those homestays we had quite a few delicious dinners! I miss eating certain types of food (Kelly you need to stop being such a picky eater!) but not necessarily a home-cooked meal.
my bed, or sleeping in the same place every night. Nope, didn’t bother me. Someone asked us if we ever wake up somewhere thinking that we’re in a different place or confused about our current location. This actually never happened to me, although I guess Kelly said she did that once. And our beds were pretty comfy, only once did we have a shitty sleeping arrangement where we ended up with a thin little blanket on a hardwood floor. On the plus side, I finally got Kelly to cuddle with me!
a greater variety of shoes and clothes. There were a few times at the beginning of the trip that I wished I had cuter shoes or a different shirt to wear. But I got used to living out of a backpack. I kind of like only having a few options. I should say though that my opinion might be a little biased since I’m already a bit of a minimalist. I’m not hardcore about it or anything, but I probably have less stuff than the average person. I know I at least have less clothing and shoes than my sister or my mother…I might be tied with my dad though. Anyway, take that for what it’s worth.
t.v./Netflix/movies. I thought that maybe I’d want to know what’s going on with some of the shows I was watching (The Bachelorette, The Voice – I know, high quality t.v. right there) or that I’d just miss staying in at night and watching a few movies. But really we were so busy or tired that we didn’t have time for it. I think we watched a movie two nights, but that’s it. Usually we planned our next couch or bus, grocery shopping or wrote blog posts. Dont worry, we have had a little downtime (there were a few days when we spent eight hours on a bus) so we didn’t get too burnt out.

Things I didn’t realize I would miss but now really, really want!

cotton granny panties. Seriously, I just want some regular underwear. I’m really tired of this lacey, fast drying crap. It’s not crap at all, I’m just tired of it and want some boring underwear back. Weird, I know, but that’s what I want!
toilets. Where have all the toilets gone? Actually, I know where they are, but you either need to eat at a restaurant (hello, coffee shop!) or pay 40 pence for a public toilet. But that just seems to go against some moral philosophy of mine. Like that time I was told I had to pay for water on an airplane. I feel like these are just some basic rights you should have without having to pay for them. Drinking water and a toilet. I mean, they kinda go hand-in-hand. And I want them. For free.
personal space. Oh man I am really tired of people standing right on top of me in line or getting really close when they talk to me. GET OUT OF MY BUBBLE. I dont like crowds. I want like, at least a foot radius at all times.
computer. I really like my tablet and all. It does have its own little keyboard, but man, it does get difficult booking buses and things. Those pop-up windows that you use to put in your credit card information? Yeah, those don’t work on my tablet, which can be quite a problem. Not to mention the WordPress app is really freaking annoying and a royal pain. I just want to have my laptop back so everything is easier!

But that’s about it! Is there anything strange you have missed while traveling? Share it with us!


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