Two Dimes and a Penny

K-Kinda silly.

E-Extremely inspired to make a mark in the world.

L-Loves to dance [Can you say dougie?].

L-Laughs often, and at completely random situations.

Y-Young and loving it!

I thought it might be fun to take a trip back to elementary school, where everyone used to make these name descriptions.  Plus Brittany already took the cool idea of using quotes and all that jazz. And here is the first glimpse of how the two of us are different. Brittany is definitely the journalist and writing extraordinaire in our family. I’m here for the jokes.

My story starts with college. It’s opened my eyes to new experiences, people and way of thinking.  School has taught me how important it is to be living life for myself and my happiness, that life is full of both mistakes and successes and that there are endless possibilities and opportunities in this world. This summer, I am planning on taking advantage of that, with my main homie Brittany by my side.

Brittany and Kelly Whitewater Rafting, 2011
(Photo/Emily McNamara)

Since I don’t always have the beautiful eloquence and rambling abilities like some other people, *cough* Brittany *cough*, I’ll just drop a few things about me:

  • I LOVE THE NY JETS. Yes, I do know that they’ll most likely have a losing season this year. But you have to put up with the bad to appreciate the best moments right?
  • I believe in smiling and laughing…often!
  • Dancing is the best medicine.
  • Hard work and dedication will get you anywhere.
  • Grey’s Anatomy, How I met Your Mother and Boy Meets World are my shit.
  • I’m a feminist.
  • I’m studying communications, sociology and women’s studies.
  • I love the beach, hiking and visiting NYC too!
  • Ignorant and negative people drive me crazy.
  • I love my family and friends!
  • I like being around people and helping others. This semester I’m working as a Peer Leader to first year communications students, and I absolutely love it.  Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing people grow and be successful.
  • I believe that happiness is the key to life.

Feel free to comment or message us!

That’s all for now folks, stay fly and keep it real!


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